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Alpha Servo Leveled Laser

High end performance!

Range: 2000 foot diameter (610m) with R7 laser receiver
Rotational Coverage: 360 degrees
Accuracy: ±10 Arc Seconds (1/16 inch per 100 feet, 1.5mm per 30m) 

Grade Capability: Slope Matching, Cross Axis Self Levels

Elevation Alert: Prevents errors if laser is disturbed.
Leveling Method: Electronic sensors / Servo motor driven.
Rotating Beam: 670nm class II
Rotation speed: 600, 1200 rpm.
Power: 100 hours on 4C alkaline batteries. 65 Hours NiMH Rechargeable batteries (optional)
Environment: Water and dust resistant. IP56
Warranty: 2 Years 

The R7 receiver incorporates a 5 channel display, and a choice of 3 modes of accuracy. 

The Pro Shot™ Alpha is designed for concrete and general contractors working on large commercial or municipal sites.  Electronic servo leveling means all you do is turn the unit on and watch it drive to level. The Alpha also offers manual slope matching.