Ask about our 2009 reduced subscription rates!  Only $150.00/Mo with a 1 year sign up ! Coverage anywhere in Florida or Georgia is now bulletproof. This is real network RTK, not that unreliable station to station reference station system! With eGPS and PM-500, your precision virtual reference station follows you everywhere, keeping ppm errors low and elevations tighter than ever.                            

 Complete GPS+GLONASS Rover System with 1 Year Subscription only:  $ 18,799.00

ProMark 500 Network Rover with or withot Glonass is  now a turnkey solution covering all of Florida and Georgia. Using it's unique on-board sim card capability, PM-500 eliminates, wires, cell phones, and external modems from the network rover. Work anywhere in Florida anytime! It takes less than a minute to connect to the eGPS virtual Network with PM-500.  

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