Nikon AS-2


Nikon® AS-2 Automatic Level
The NIKON Surveyors Level AS-2 Features a waterproof, nitrogen-filled, high-power telescope to capture precise measurements. The automatic air-dampened compensator prevents magnetic interference. An endless horizontal fine drive ensures smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement. The standard optical sight lens allows you to find the target quickly and accurately. Carrying case, adjusting pins, and lens cap included.

Nikon Engineers Grade Level Specifications
Telescope - Tube length: 10.2˝ (259 mm); Image: Erect; Effective diameter of objective lens: 1.77˝ (45 mm); Magnification: 34x; Field of view: 1°20' (2.3' at 100'); Resolution power: 2.5˝; Minimum focusing distance: 3.28' (1.0 m); Stadia ratio: 1:100. Automatic compensator - Type: Wire-hung, air damper; Setting accuracy: ±0.3˝; Range: ±12'. Level vial sensitivity - Circular level: 10'/2 mm. Standard deviation (1-km double-run leveling) - Without micrometer: ±0.8 mm; With micrometer: ±0.4 mm. Weight - Instrument: 4.0 lbs.; Case: 4.0 lbs.

Nikon AS-2 AutoLevel
34X WaterProof Telescope
Dual Speed Focus Drive
.8mm Accuracy / 275'
.4mm W/Micrometer

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