Spectra Precision DG-711


The DG-711 pipe Laser provides the utility contractor with a rugged, reliable tool that stands up to the demands of tough jobsite conditions and has the features required to lay pipe fast and accurately.

High Power - the most power allowed by law, near 5 milliwatts, produces a bright red spot.

Accurate - On grade to ±1/16 inch at 100 ft.

Rugged - All metal construction, heavy-duty. Water Proof.

Remote Line Control - Set line from either end of the pipe.

Totally Waterproof - Purged with nitrogen.

24 Hour Use on 4 Hour Charge - Quick charging keeps you up and running. 

Self-leveling throughout the entire grade range - does not require "help" to get to the higher grade settings.

The SP DG-711 Pipe Laser STd Kit contains the pipe laser, infrared remote line control, universal target, base extensions for 8 and 10 inch pipe, , 110V charger, Alkaline Battery Pack and a carrying case.

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