Suunto PM5 Clinometer


SUUNTO PM5 Clinometer
The Suunto PM-5 is a handheld device that provides you with a variety of height meters, clinometers, and combined height and clinometers.

Pecent/Degrees model stablilizes in less than one second and allow you to accurately read vertical angles to within 10-minutes on degree scale and to within 1/5 of 1-percent on the percent scale.
Percent scales are graduated 0-150-plus and 0-150-minus.
Degree scales are graduated 0-90 plus and 0-90 minus.
Sighting slot prevents parallax.
Supplied with skylon case and lanyard.

These versatile instruments can be used to measure heights of trees, towers, buildings, etc.; to measure slopes for grading or preliminary surveying; and to measure vertical angles for cellular and satellite installations and more. Suunto Clinometers feature two scales in five configurations: Percent and Degrees, Percent and Topographic, Degree and Topographic, 15m and 20m, Percent and Secant. Graduations - Degree: 0-90 in 1 units. Percent: 0 to 70% in 1% units, 72 to 150% in 2% units. Topo: 0 to 200' with a 66' baseline. Scale readings can be estimated to 10 minutes or 1/5%, when readings are made around the zero level. All Suunto Clinometers feature: Solid aluminum housing with jeweled bearing assembly. Damped scale for smooth accurate readings. Parallax-free lens. 1/4'' x 20 threaded tripod socket. Includes lanyard and black nylon case. Dimensions: 2-3/4'' x 2'' x 5/8''. Weight: 4.2 oz.

*Secant scale clinometer 43840 allows you to determine correct horizontal distances and compensate for slope when using the percent scale for height measurements. You can also eliminate prism rotation in point sampling. Note: Since 43840 secant scale clinometer expresses secant of a slope times 100, you should initially divide the clinometer reading by 100 to get the correct secant value. For example, a clinometer reading of 110 has a correct secant value of 1.10.

The Suunto height meter measures things such as the height of a tree with great speed and accuracy, it?s also used to determine the angle of a gradient. The Suunto clinometers are used to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly and with ease.

The body of this instrument is corrosion-free and the scale runs on special bearings in hermetically sealed plastic containers that are filled with a special liquid which promotes them running smooth and efficiently.

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