Mobile Mapper 6 W/GIS Software


Mobile Mapper 6 With Magellan GIS Field Sofware
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Complete closed system that's easy to learn, easy to use. Works with .shp files and other common GIS data formats. Collect GIS data easily, points, lines and areas...without learning "ArcPad" or other complex field programs.

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MobileMapper 6 is an affordable and easy-to-use, professional GPS/GIS handheld receiver. It provides a complete set of all necessary features required by a mapping device for anyone who needs productive data collection and efficient asset management in the field. 

 This SBAS enabled high-sensitivity GPS receiver continuously tracks up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position even in difficult conditions, such as under tree canopy and urban surroundings.

The MobileMapper 6 is now post-processable to 1/2 meter accuracy! Once the optional post-processing is enabled on the receiver, you can record real-time data which makes it possible to greatly enhance the accuracy of recorded points, lines and polygons.

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What Makes the MobileMapper 6 Unique?

Now Post-Processable to 1/2 Meter Accuracy

  • High-sensitivity GPS
  • Rugged and IPX7
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Digital camera

Performance GPS
MobileMapper 6 GPS engine provides professional accuracy in real time and post-processing. This SBAS-enabled high-sensitivity GPS receiver computes and updates your position even in difficult conditions, such as under tree canopy and in urban surroundings.

Versatile Mobile GIS Solution
The MobileMapper 6 comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 operating system, a color touch-screen, and it has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. You can collect GIS/GPS points and maps via the GIS application of your choice: either a third party software or the proprietary Ashtech MobileMapper Field software. You can also navigate, get your direction from the integrated e-compass, and communicate wirelessly.

Field-proven Rugged Design
MobileMapper 6 fits comfortably in one hand and weighs less than eight ounces (224g). It is made for intensive outdoor use and can be dropped in the dirt or into water again and again without harm. It keeps working, and you won't lose any data.

Feature-rich Mapping Device
Embedded speaker and microphone make it easy to record audio files, for a rich archive of locations and projects. You can take pictures using the integrated 2-megapixel digital camera, use the e-compass to determine the camera orientation at the time the picture is taken, and use other Windows Office Mobile applications, all with a single device.

Software Options
imgMobileMapper Field software: Ashtech software provides easy-to-use and simple yet professional and effective GIS data collection capabilities. You can select this optional Mobile Mapping application to create and update maps for analysis and maintenance in a standard GIS system.


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