Nikon NIVO 5C


Nikon NIVO 5C


This new instrument brings the power of technology, Nikon & Tripod Data Systems
famous SurveyPro Software all together in a compact powerful Prismless Total Station.
Touch screen operation, massive data storage, longlife batteries and extreme accuracy.

EDM type:

Reflectorless technology

Distance accuracy:

(2mm + 2ppm)

Distance range:

9,840 ft / 16,400 ft / 16,400 ft to single prism

Reflectorless range:

880 ft / 984 ft / 984 ft (KGC 90%)

Angle accuracy:

5" (DIN)


Dual axis


Compact, light weight total station


Graphic F1 Windows TFT, F2 LCD displays, dual sided


Full numeric keyboard


2 Li-Ion long-life batteries


128 MB RAM / 128 MB Flash Memory


Powerful onboard Survey Pro software


Bluetooth and Laser Pointer

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