MobileMapper 120 W/Mapping Software


MobileMapper 120

The New MobileMapper 120 is the most advanced handheld GPS receiver
on the market. The MobileMapper 120 is a rugged open platform
windows mobile 6.5 device that also contains Ashtech's sub-foot level
GPS/GNSS hardware & engine. The Mobile Mapper 120 can take you from
sub-meter, to sub foot all the way to Centimeter accuracy with all options loaded!
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STD UNIT / W/ Mapping Software
MobileMapper 120 Receiver
Docking station
Universal A/C Adapter
Li-ion Battery
USB Cable
Companion CD
MobileMapper Field Software 
MobileMapper Office

MobileMapper Field and Office Software

Complete solution: Collect Points. Line & Areas !
The Ashtech MobileMapper software suite includes all GIS features that professionals really need without the burden of complicated and rarely used functions. It also provides a direct interface to external sensors such as range laser finders.

 Versatile application:
MobileMapper Field is the perfect solution for GIS data collection, asset management, area measurements, maps creation and update. MobileMapper 120 collects points, lines & areas with sub-foot accuracy!


Easy to learn, Easy to use:
Ashtech software is very intuitive, requiring a minimum of user training. It enables rapid deployment across the workforce for large scale GIS data collection or maintenance.

Add Glonass Option For Un-Matched GIS Accuracy!

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