Leica Builder 100 Transit

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Leica Builder 100 - if you need to trust angles and alignments

With a laser plummet for simple and fast setup over control line,
dual axis compensation for accurate plumbing, endless drives
eliminating steps, audible notice for 90° turns, graphical leveling
aid for fast and convenient setup and IP55 rating, the Leica Builder
100 is an outstanding theodolite.

For anybody working on or around a site with the need of a simple,
intuitive, yet innovative, long-lasting and powerful measuring tool.
With the Leica Builder, Leica Geosystems has designed a perfectly
tailored tool for every construction job. Regardless of your profession, Builder will amazingly accelerate your work flow. From simple tasks to professional all-day use, the Builder Series offers a scalable product
family that exactly meets your needs