MMCX W/ArcPad & PP

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ArcPad for Mobile GIS and Field Mapping Applications

Mobile computing is creating fundamental changes by adding the ability to take GIS data and tools with you into the field and interact directly with the world around you. Mobile GIS comprises the integration of a number of technologies:

  • GIS
  • Mobile hardware in the form of lightweight devices and ruggedized field PCs
  • GPS
  • Wireless communications for Internet GIS access

ArcPad is software for mobile GIS applications and tasks. ArcPad provides mapping, GIS, and GPS integration to field users via handheld and mobile devices. Data collection with ArcPad is fast and easy and improves field-based data validation and availability.

What's New in ArcPad 7

At version 7, ArcPad expands the capabilities of mobile GIS applications with new features that dramatically improve the productivity of working with spatial data in the field. ArcPad provides field-based personnel with the ability to capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display geographic information. ArcPad 7 offers enhancements in the areas of performance, ease of use, productivity, enterprise GIS integration and customization.

New features include:

  • Quicker access and loading of spatial data
  • Support for ArcGIS symbology and style sheets
  • Advanced editing tools, including offsets, repeated attributes, segmented line features, snapping, and undo
  • Integrated support for rangefinders and digital cameras
  • Support for freehand marking and taking notes on maps
  • Usability enhancements that streamline connecting a GPS and creating custom input forms
  • Support for new raster data formats: JPEG2000, TIFF, MrSID MG3, and GIF
  • Simple form customization within ArcPad

GPSDifferential for ArcPad adds the power of post-processing to your ESRI ArcPad software on MobileMapper CX. This extension software offers seamless integration of your ArcPad software and the included MobileMapper Office suite to provide reliable, sub-meter, post-processed positioning data results.

GPSDifferential for ArcPad automatically logs raw GPS measurement data in the field for easy post-processing back in the office. With GPSDifferential for ArcPad you can always acquire the most accurate data for all your GIS and mapping needs even where real-time differential corrections are not available. All without the extra costs and hassles of additional equipment.