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Advanced Digital Plan Measure with Optional PC Interface

Scale Master® II makes it easy to do Linear, Area and Volume take-offs with speed, accuracy and confidence when estimating, bidding or planning. The Scale Master® II provides transfer capabilities from plans, blueprints and maps as well as out of scale drawings. Utilize 91 built-in Scales; 50 Imperial (Feet-Inch) units and 41 Metric, (including eight custom scales for out-of-scale drawings) for maximum versatility with architectural, engineering and civil scales.

A PC Interface(Model 6215) is available to transfer rolled values from the Scale Master® II directly into commonly used spreadsheets or estimating programs, saving countless keystrokes, saving time and reducing the potential for costly transcribing errors.

It helps you:

  • Complete take-offs with speed and accuracy
  • Reduce errors in estimates and bids
  • Improve productivity and maximize profitability
  • Create permanent record of dimensions and values
    Interfaces with PC spreadsheets or estimating programs

For: Contractors, Estimators, Engineers
Architects, Landscapers, Pipeline Builders,
Excavators, Concrete Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC, Fencing Specialists, Telecommunications, Cable System Contractors, Pavers